ALL SOUTH ELECTRIC is committed to providing a safe environment and healthy working conditions for all of our employees.

Work related injuries are costly to the individual worker and often disastrous to his/her future and to the security of their family. They are also costly to the company, both in direct financial burdens and in the reduction of efficiency. It is the firm and continuing policy of the management of this company that construction accidents shall be reduced or eliminated by the use of every reasonable precaution and by aggressive promotion of safe practices within the company.

Every employee has an important place in the safety program and is expected to cooperate fully in these measures.

ALL SOUTH ELECTRIC is a drug-free workplace. Any employee, within his/her 90-day probationary period, who test positive for drugs, will be immediately dismissed. After an employee has been terminated as a result of a positive drug test, he/she can, at his/her expense, be re-tested. Should a written negative result be determined by a licensed Georgia drug testing facility and signed by medical personnel recognized by the State of Georgia, the individual may reapply for employment with ALL SOUTH ELECTRIC.